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December 02, 2020

The Twelve Gifts for Christmas

Recommended by Jughead and Bean’s

It can be difficult figuring out what to get that special boy and girl for Christmas. Will they like it? Do they already have it? Will it break after 5 minutes? Jughead and Bean’s is here to help you. Imagine the delight on those little faces when they open up a gift from our shop that is beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed, and oh, so fun! With that in mind, we’ve chosen 12 of our favorites for this holiday season: (you can sing along in your head)…

The first gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  A musical treasure box

Everyone needs a place to store their treasures. These unique music boxes from Djeco turns a special gift into a keepsake. Wind up the crank, open the lid, and watch it come to life. Secret drawers keep treasures safe. Made from quality wood, plastic, velvet, and metal, they are designed to be enjoyed for years. Ages 3+

For younger children, these melody boxes with removable figures delight with moving parts and soft melodies. Turn the key underneath and the figurines begin to spin and dance on the magnetic surface. Ages 12+mo 


The second gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  A Hopping Two-headed Blue Dragon

This mythical, Hopping Two-Headed Dragon is covered with soft removable/ washable plush fabric. It's easy to use--just inflate with the included hand pump and off you to! With two heads for grasping, and at just the right height to develop coordination skills, this hopper encourages active play and develops hand-eye coordination.


The third gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  Some Fancy Pals to carry and snuggle

These adorable stuffies are perfect for carrying around. High quality materials and hand construction makes for a unique and soft touch. Includes a removable animal that can be carried inside the reversible sequin bag!


The fourth gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  Some Snap Ships to build and battle

Welcome to the future…where humanity is under constant attack from a brutal alien threat. The Komplex spreads through the galaxy and growing stronger with each species they defeat and assimilate. To fight them, humanity relies on an elite team, the Forge, who pilots their own armada of spacecraft known as Snap Ships.

Now YOU can Build to Battle! Snap Ships is a versatile building system for creating multiple crafts with action play, and all sets and pieces are interchangeable, so kids can build however they want.  Ages 8 & Up


The fifth gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  Slugz vs Mushrooms

In Trailz, the down to earth strategy game, two players, with teams of shrooms and slugs, face off to out-smart and out-maneuver each other to get to one shroom safely to the other side! Your shrooms are on the run to make it across the board…but watch out for slugs! Slugs eat shrooms! So, move carefully and use your own slugs to keep enemy shrooms from reaching victory before you do! Ages 7 & up.


The sixth gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  A Be Bright Doll with color changing hair 

Ignite her Spirit Animal Magic in the Sun and watch as her hair changes color! Be Bright Dolls are playful and will surely inspire, motivate, encourage and uplift young girls to live in a world where anything is possible! Within the "Be Bright" collection, each girl has her own unique spirit animal, story & hashtag. Whichever doll you pick (or collect them all!), there is a Be Bright doll for everyone. Makes a perfect alternative for 18in dolls.


The seventh gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  A tea set for your awesome tea parties

An essential part of every child's toy box. Children will love having tea parties with friends and family with this uniquely themed pretend tea set. Not only will your child learn important values and skills — coordination, sharing and socializing — but they will be creating precious memories too. Packaged in an illustrated carrying case to keep all pieces organized and portable. Ages 3+


The eighth gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  A copy of A Boy Like You

There's more to being a boy than sports, feats of daring, and keeping a stiff upper lip. A Boy Like You encourages every boy to embrace all the things that make him unique, to be brave and ask for help, to tell his own story and listen to the stories of those around him. In an age when boys are expected to fit into a particular mold, this book celebrates all the wonderful ways to be a boy. Written by Frank Murphy

Interest Level: preschool--Grade 2
Reading Level: Grade 1
Number of pages: 32


The ninth gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  A Find It game to pass the time.

Find It® “Kids Version” has bright primary colored pellets in which to find 40+ items.  The plastic ends are a cheerful bright red.  Perfect for the classroom, in the car or keeping the kiddos occupied anytime. The items contained are kid friendly and include one of every letter of the alphabet, a car, balloon, star, baseball, and more. And as always, the hidden penny.


The tenth gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  The cutest puzzles you’ve ever seen

The original shaped puzzle box. Djeco’s best known puzzles make the perfect gift. The shape of the box brings to life a character from the puzzle them. Ages 3-5 years.


 The eleventh gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  A Chocolate Dipped Cotton Candy Lollipop

Are you cotton candy crazy?   Our handmade cotton candy lollipop is dipped in chocolate and coated in pink cotton candy sugar.


The twelfth gift for Christmas that Jughead has for you:  Mindful Kids Cards to settle your wiggles.

This series of easy exercises serves as an introduction into mindfulness to teach little ones (ages 3+) how to unlock their own sense of stillness and wonder in the present moment. 

Designed to empower young kids with basic techniques like awareness, breathing, meditation, gratitude, and stretching, we hope to embolden their inherent capacity for calm, confidence, and joy available to them at all times. This collection serves as a great addition to your kids' morning rituals or bedtime routines. 

Each deck comes with 40 two-sided cards with watercolor illustrations for the little ones as well as more detailed instructions for parents, teachers, and caretakers.


Thanks for reading (and maybe singing) along. Find all these great toys, tales, treats and more at 

Merry Christmas

and keep playing!




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