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If You Played Hide-and-Seek With A Chameleon


Introduce kids to various animals' traits and characteristics with this beautifully illustrated and accessible picture book. Perfect for Kindergarten and Elementary science curriculums.

What would happen if kids played games with animals? Would they win a pie-eating contest with a hippo? Or a wrestling match with an anaconda? How about a game of tag with a porcupine? Win or lose, the competitions are hilarious as twelve different animals display their amazing natural abilities. Children will delight in Rebecca Evans' imaginative illustrations, discovering more and more unusual details with each reading. Bill Wise's fast-paced storyline entices readers to explore more about the animals in "Fun Facts and Fascinating Feats" at the back of the book. Sports and games are the perfect springboard into the math, science, and other STEM activities provided for teachers and parents. Comprehensive charts summarize animals' weights, heights, and lengths in both standard U.S. and metric measurements.


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