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Lili's Seasons

Schiffer Kids

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Discover the imaginative world of the On the Fingertips series with Lili Mouse and her friend Henri. Dive into each season with these two lovable mice as they go apple picking, throw snowballs, dig in the garden, and play in the golden sand. Learn all about what characterizes each of the four seasons, from acorns in the fall to mittens in the winter, daffodils in the spring, and butterflies in the summer, as you watch the colors change throughout the year. At the end of the book is a guided workshop with illustrator tips on how to create a tree with its seasonal finery and both rain and snow showers, along with a bonus spread for crafting your own favorite season. Get ready to learn, imagine, and create when you dip your fingers in the paint!

Book written by Lucie Albon

32 pp | 8 1/4" x 8 1/4" x .472" | 13 color illustrations | Hardcover

Collections: Tales

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