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Mosey's Field

Schiffer Kids

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Mosey, a long-legged, lumbering kind of dog, has a napping place in the middle of a cornfield, but when the plow comes through, followed later by the planter, Mosey can no longer find his spot. As the corn grows, Mosey's adventures in the field include exploring tunnels in the cornrows, chasing rabbits, finding relief from the summer’s heat, and, at the end of the season, experiencing the terrifying (to him) appearance of a combine. Mosey's Field illuminates the beauty of the rural landscape, the change in seasons, and the progression of agricultural methods. While Mosey continues the search for his special place, children are not only connected to the environment but the important concept of where food comes from. Early reader–ages 5-8. Edition 1.

Hardback binding. 23 color illustrations. 32 pages.

Book Author: Lockhart, Barbara.

Collections: Tales

Type: Unknown Type