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In 1822, Clement Clarke Moore created the classic Christmas poem, "The Night Before Christmas," for his daughter.

Here, in verse and accompanied by over 50 richly detailed illustrations, is the story of the writing of this classic tale. It is based on the history of the poem as passed down through the generations of the Moore family and told to the author by Dinghy Sharp, the great-great-granddaughter of Clement Moore.

Not only does the story of the beautiful and enduring poem's creation unfold in this book, but many of the terms and actions of the characters in "The Night Before Christmas" are explained, including why stockings were hung with such care, and what a window sash was.

 Hardback binding. 53 color images. 56 pages. Author's bio: Author/Photographer Mark Kimball Moulton is a "right jolly old elf" who lives in a magical world and wishes peace, health, and happiness to all.

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